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    Did not dive with a submarine theory

    I used to think it was a strange and rather unorthodox theory, but after seeing this mindboggling image, it made me think:

    It has some good points, really good points. I mean, it's not filled with huge logical loopholes and other inaccuracies like every other conspiracy theory out there, because let's be fair: When have you ever seen a submarine underwater with your own eyes?

    I mean, the military advantages of submarines are huge, mainly being you can't see them coming from miles and miles away like every other type of marine vehicle, but what if there never actually was a working submarine and different countries are all just pretending they have some to scare other countries?

    I think submarines are just fancy boats that sink alot, that's why you have videos of them going underwater (but you never see them coming back up, do you?!) And what's up with the complete lack of commercial submarines in watery areas, the manufacturers must have something to hide don't you agree? Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinion!

    Disclaimer: This is not my true opinion, just a parody of this topic by Anarchris, to show my personal dislike for lame conspiracy theories.
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    i love how you try to attack the theory by having the main point being "not seeing it with your own eyes"

    how about you look at the evidence presented in the video before flaming.........

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    Meh, my main point was not attacking your post, I'm about to do that in your post right now
    Just showing that I can make a conspiracy theory based on 1 photograph with some sort of evidence.
    Your friendly neighborhood debunker.

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