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    One Piece

    Quote Originally Posted by dsmith View Post
    The doctors at ID said that they can make an antidote, but only if the person was hit by one kind of poison. Because Luffy was hit by several types of poison they couldn't mix an antidote when Bon-Chan tried to get one.

    But if that's true, what makes you think Magellan didn't hit BB with more than one poison also? if so how could Shiryu have gotten a cure so quickly?

    It would make sense at that time for Magellan to not make the same mistake he made with Luffy and instead fight close to his best at the start. He really had no time to deal with BB + he was more worried about everybody else escaping ID.

    But what that 2nd spoiler said about Buggy seems I'll be LMAFO this chapter.

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    sounds like a nice build up chapter!

    Also, like expected franky finds a lab(old lab maybe) of vegapunk! ^^
    I think those animals chasing franky were all creations by vegapunk, the land franky is on wasn't the 'land of the genius' for nothing. And i think we know now where franky will get his power-ups from.

    Can't wait!

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    the cover page makes it for me... instant epic chapter!!!

    Pics are up btw, and next week we wont have OP! D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by From 536, translated by Stephen
    Doctor: Out of all the people who've ever challenged Warden Magellan,
    none of them survived the multilayered poisons.
    One type of poison is one thing,
    but there is simply no antidote for multiple strains of the warden's toxins!!
    Also, I think, that BB was only hit by the Poison Hydra. Magellan rushed forward to stop Luffy. Given that the personnel of ID can get poisoned, by accident ofcourse, it is reasonable to assume that the Medical ward has antidotes ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eXplosiveMind View Post
    the cover page makes it for me... instant epic chapter!!!

    Pics are up btw, and next week we wont have OP! D:

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