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    i want a pet like a litlle cat that has like a parasite innocense that his claws turn huge and badass fight
    manga's and anime i follow or followed

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    i want one that is a Zanpakuto.
    since the ones from bleach are suppose to be of the dead ppl, when i activate it the zanpakuto materializes and let me act as a shinigami

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    Innocence, well. . . . I already have some idea. It will sound really silly though. But the innocence I would want would be ribbons. They would be razor sharp and as hard as diamond. They would also be able to lengthen and disappear at will.

    Hahaha. Silly, isn't it? But, it would be pretty cool.

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    United Kingdom...*sigh*
    An airboard like this that can shoot out bullets from barrels underneath at Akuma. Only the flying would be MUCH lower to the ground.

    =] *using the innocence for her fanfiction*

    Lavi Fangurl
    Redheads rock more then you
    Deal with it.

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    An innocence which would change into any weapon u can imagine e.g machine gun, bazooka, samurai sword, tank, helicopter, stealth bomber etc.

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