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    I wouldn't like a parasyte type because I would seem a freakish monster, I would prefern something closer to Kanda's Katana, but not with that power, maybe something that can shot an energy hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OaThKeEpEr View Post
    *Look into my eyes!!!
    ARRGH!!!! *
    so thats y u like pie?

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    hmmm My innocence would be in the form of a Gundam. ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom...
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    between a rock and a hard place
    LOL thats nice but id like an equitment typeeasy to repair and easy on the eyes probably like something from ratchet and clank.... mayb the flail......

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    if i was compatible with equipment type then i would put it into my body and see what kind of powers i gain... it would be like you are the equipment

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    I'd want an equitment type, probably rings, that could condince water from the aria around me into a solid of the weapon of my choice (most likely a whip or halberd)

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    None. I wouldn't want a type of Innocence.

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    fucking hole called earth.
    parasite types are usually better in the sense if you get hit it doesn't poison you. oh and on another note the D. Grey-Man fc here got a website and it is having a caption contest so it would nice to have more participants.

    remember D. Gray-Man fans discuss the manga and anime at ROI and enter the contest too click me!

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    i want the GLOVE OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm form ranchet and clack
    create little robot that kill everything and just sit back

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    fufufu I want a parasitic type in my brain! that way I could kill akuma's from a far with willpower!

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