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  • Sakura

    10 7.19%
  • Konan

    18 12.95%
  • Ten-Ten

    3 2.16%
  • Hinata

    38 27.34%
  • Ino

    11 7.91%
  • Tsunade

    19 13.67%
  • Temari

    13 9.35%
  • Karin

    9 6.47%
  • Kurenai

    18 12.95%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shijima View Post
    I would have voted Anko if she were on the list, but I went for Konan instead. She's just gotta be smokin hot under that robe.

    I really hope this is the finished Konan.
    Konan FTW

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    You got any hinata under her jacket there for me?

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    Konan sweetie ~

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    Here's my ranking.

    Sakura 4.8
    Konan 4.7
    Hinata: 4.6
    Kurenai: 4.55

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    BTW anyone wanting to know whats under Konan's robe...

    Konan - 4.5
    Temari - 4.5
    Kurenai - 4.5

    Hinata - 4
    Tsunade - 4

    Sakura - 3
    Ino - 3

    Karin - 2
    Ten-Ten - 2
    Thanks. Now I really know why I picked Konan
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    I think if Sakura wasn't hated she'd be 1.
    She'd look sexier with longer her too. Though her short her is also sexy.

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    tsunade ... have u seen those melons?

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    I would totally do Ino, Hinata, Temari and Kurenai. Pretty much in that order.

    Ino first because I love blondes.

    Then Hinata because she's sweet, shy and still gorgeous. I would corrupt her horribly and love every minute of it just as much as she would.

    Temari because she is blonde and attractive but also because she is just bad ass.

    Kurenai is gorgeous, even if she wasn't wearing a dress made out of silk scarves... or maybe toilet paper. There is just no getting around it she is sexy.
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    definately sakura cause she's the only one that would be fun to hang out with cause she's got an well rounded personality. my 2nd choice would be hinata, but the whole shy thing gets old after a while... trust me on that one.

    Scenario 1-

    Scenario 2-

    Sakura: 5 - Short hair? Check. PINK hair? Check. Awesome green eyes? Check. Is fucking awesome? Check.
    Konan: 4 - Not digging her evil vibe. Also, she's made out of paper...
    Ten-Ten: (-2)
    Hinata: 4.5 - You know Hinata has a booty
    Ino: 3.5 - I just don't like her.
    Tsunade: 3 - You would suffocate lol
    Temari: 3 - If I only liked her hair.
    Karin: 4 - Red Hair is sexy. Being one of Orochimaru's crazy minions is not.
    Kurenai: 4 - Her eyes is creepy.

    mmm... sakura

    btw, where Anko and Shizune?
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    i change my vote to konan , i just saw her without her robe on

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