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    D.Gray-man torrents for All the volumes so far or chapeters of DGM

    I've been searching for a while but I can find only direct downloads of chapters of 120, 76 and 34..strange orders...i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a torrent or torrents for all the volumes they're so far or all the chapters...doesnt really matter..of DGM..i started yesterday and im almost done with the anime...kickass show reminds me alot of FMA and bleach..more fma tho

    -Thanks in advance

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    The scanlation archies here at Manga Share contain all the available volumes up to chapter 126. Then by searching the scanlation topic category you can discover the newer chapters.

    EDIT - I'm in a good mood, thank me later for making everything available in one area for you.

    Chapter 127 thread

    Chapter 128 Thread

    Chapter 129 thread
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    hehe i didnt know this site had an archive i didnt bother looking cuz most of the sites ive looked @ only had new chapters avilable only. thanks a bunch
    so thats y u like pie?

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