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    Naruto Shippuuden Ep 115 Discussion

    Naruto Shippuuden 115: Zabuza’s Blade

    Streaming link: Naruto Shippuuden 115 sub
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    Thanks ! but this Episode looks like a filler shit
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    it was an ok ep, half it of contained filler material, but at least it goes with a good pace.

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    wasn't this like one chapter in the manga? geez, one episode should really cover more than just one chapter

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    They've just shown how do they get the headseeker.Or I am wrong?

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    They just decided to spend one episode introducing everyone Sasuke is recruiting, I find nothing wrong with that, considering that Sasuke meeting Suigetsu was rather short in the manga.

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    I thought this episode would be filled with flashbacks, but they wasted time in a different way.

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    I enjoyed the episode. It was pretty good. Different from what we have been getting last few rounds. Karin looks hot
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    if they can do 1-1 chapter to episode intros of the assembly of the team, more power to them. Suigetsu's intro wasn't quite a full chapter of the manga, and they managed to find a way to stretch it out into a full episode (mainly with filler of course, but it did kind of show a bit of his fighting ability). It wasn't a bad episode overall.
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    This was a good episode they added filler material but it was fun.

    Did anyone else notice that guy they bumped into was one of the two Samurai who tried to attack Inari's mom back during the water arc. Then Naruto came and save him and defeated the 2 samurai.

    Also the second samurai with the eye patch was in the background with those merc's behind Tenzen Daikoku

    - I like Suigetsu's voice actor as well

    - They added a little bit of info connecting back to Zabuza and we get to see some new locations.

    - Another overall good episode I hope they keep it up.

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