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Oboro's always been questionable.

His personality doesn't really give way to say if he's "good" or "evil". The only reason he was hanging out with the crew was because of Ageha, and his weird sense of attraction to him (probably his raw power). He's definitely someone of interest.

I'm pretty surprised his cure is so effective against Tavoo. It decimates them. Kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy and undead monsters.

Edit:Oh and for a question how long do you think until we see Hiryu again, I'm pretty sure he and Tatsuo can handle themselves, I just hope he's training too.

Still waiting for that Full "Miracle Dragon Release." He's got wings and a tail so he's around half-way there. Still needs some claws and a body though.
I had always suspected Oboro to become a tavoo of some sort. He was a fishy guy.

And I think we will see Hiryuu again in the next arc in the future, once this present arc ends.