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    lawl, they cencored it -.-, The episode was bad ;O... talk talk.. Kira heal them, Blaghhh, time is running out OMGHAX... the old man comes from and tells them "you noobs, you let me come here to get owned"

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    Quote Originally Posted by iBankai View Post
    Lmao! I was thinking the same thing when I saw Allon. I would've loved to see Koma's bankai take Allon down. Yea, I was so pissed, there was one part in the manga I remember that you can clearly see her torso missing a chunk and bleeding. But in the anime it looks like it was barely hit?!?! Just a couple of scrape marks on it.
    yeah this one was it

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    come on why censor it - it was so cool on the manga half her body ripped of - wait a minute does this mean their gonna censor &^&*%$ arm - in the upcoming fight (manga readers should know what im talking about)
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    Did you guys seriously expected this to not be censored?

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