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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass Zero View Post
    Can we get back on topic? If you want to discuss art, do so in the appropriate forum.
    Tell us what arrancar you'd be then Mr Zero

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    Arrancar name: Faris Zabel
    Release Name: Lucifer , its released by the command Ijimero (torment)
    Special Ability: Cero Escarlata (Scarlett Cero), Saeta (A more powerful variation of escarlata) Luminiscencia (means luminiscene in spanish I guess, Faris would be surrounded by red light and then deliver a red xplosion)

    I Kinda imagine this guy like ulquiorra cipher, only without the helmet, wavy hair, and the hollow mask fragment would be a horn stump on his head, the sealed zanpakutou would be a black blade like zangetsu, only istead of having a manji on the crossward i kinda tought would be like a pentagram.
    when released Lucifer produces an demonic like white armor arround Faris, with only one demonic wing protunding from his back, kinda like the lucifer folf from silent mobius i guess, and from his head two horn stumps would emerge. Kinda hard to explain If i knew to draw i would make a drawing I guess.
    I also tough about my zanpakutou name being Concubina (means concubine) or Idolatria (means idolatry) or Morgania (it doesnt have an actual english translation, but sounds cool isnt it) this is kinda easy for me cuz i speak spanish, only thing i have trouble with is with the command phrase, I wanted punishment for Lucifer, but I havent find a word that I like, I guess ill stick with torment, what do you think folks?

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    Arrancar (vastlorde type)

    Name: Enibas Ariban
    Hollow Hole: located on back.
    Sword: Calyzeford
    Ability: Sonido & Reiatsu Absorbtion
    Special Attacks: "Rekan Densen" & "Gengou Densen"
    Resurrecion 1st Form: "Hubrion Calyzeford"
    Resurrecion 2nd Form: "Yujin-Hubrion Calyzeford"
    Clothing: White Outfit with Sash covering neck down to waist
    Sandals, Gloves and Hood with sleeves and long pants.

    Rekan Densen, this attack gives ability to maneuver and distort enemie's sight and sound perception.

    Gengou Densen, this attack can only be used in "2nd form". ability when struck on opponent destoys the enemies 5 senses completely. Very hard technique to control and use and takes a toll on user's reiatsu.

    Also use: "Grand Rey Cero", "Cero Oscuras (black cero)" and "Cero Flash", giant wave cero. unavoidable and destructive.

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    las noches


    That was an amazing story line. I'm gonna give it a go so lets c how i go.
    Name: Wintāzu Sokaro
    Cero: juicio cero
    Tattoo Location: Left eye
    Zanpakutō: Traducir
    Fracción: Sennen Hakushaku, Tiki Mikku, Kurosu Marian & Kuraudo Nain
    Remains of Hollow Mask: Small set of jawbones and teeth surrounding his mask.
    Status: Defeated, but not killed, by Starrk.

    Over 100 years ago, Sokaro goal was to overthrow Soul Society along with the Soul King and take his place as god of the world. Although by this stage, he knew he couldn't do it with his current level. This creature was hidden deep within Hueco Mundo and has been known to kill and
    absorb Memos and low level arrancars along with any intruders to gain ultimate power. Over the following year, Sokaro was on a mission to hunt and kill a possible threat {Aizen}. Upon hearing that Sokaro traveled to SS and during the night found him perfecting his bankai. Before the assasination, he spoke 2 aizen and after found out that they where after the same thing. To destroy all of SS. So from this they came to an agreement. Once Aizen defected out of the gotei 13 and created his army{Vasto Lorde},Sokaro will be incharge of the invasion and as a bonus, to gain absolute power. Through-out the following years, Sokaro, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen have done secret missions for the good of Aizen's will.

    Current Info:
    This espada shown to be a harsh, violent man who wears a hard leather (almost metal-like) mask over his head with two spiked half-rings attached to his shoulders. During this time starrk had hatred over him and wanted to gain the ranking of Primera Espada. From this Sokaro and Stark went to soul society to plan an attack and eliminate all of the captains to gain control of soul society. Once they arrived to the real world, Sokaro was tricked and awaiting them was the Exequias. Sokaro was enraged and released his zanpakto {traducir} to which his zanpakto creates a complete circle out of those two spiked half-rings, causing two enormous blades to materialize on either side of the ring. Zokalo uses Madness as a powerful, close-combat weapon, usually spinning the blades at high speed, creating a massive buzz saw. He can spin the blades at a very high speed, super heating them, and throw them at his enemies to melt and slice them. During the battle, as Sokaro was fighting off the Exequias, Starrk released his zanpakto and without seeing him, had a seeak attack and defeated Sokaro with his release. Unknowing to Starrk, Sokaro didn't die that battle but was massively damaged and almost died. To this day he fights and trains and kills Privaron Espada and memos. Sokaro has a fracción ready to destroy las noches and anybody that is in there way.
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    las noches
    cannot believe no1 has posted in this thread yet. Lol
    The time has come to destroy the village of the leaf.

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    Thanatos Backstory

    Thanatos was once the Fraccion of Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, but found Grimmjow's combat style and ethics repulsive and became a rogue Arrancar in Las Noches' security forces. There he met Iliriana Kurobeck, or Iri for short, the head of Aizen's short-lived Stealth Division. Thanatos found that his combat style was perfectly suited to this type of situation, and decided to stay there.

    One day, Aizen recieveed false information from Nnoitra Jiruga, with whom Thanatos had a long-standing grudge, stating that there was a Shinigami among the ranks of the Stealth Division. Aizen ordered Grimmjow to eradicate them, which Grimmjow did, swiftly and skillfully, until only Thanatos and Iri were left standing. Thanatos and Iri used their Doble Asesinato Cero technique, which Grimmjow deflected and sent back at Iri, killing her. Thanatos was so blinded by rage that he couldn't fight Grimmjow(or at least, have a chance at fighting him), and Grimmjow beat him near to death, and cast him out from Las Noches. He was found by a tribe of Adjuchas, who nursed him back to health. He repaid them for their deed by eating them and making himself stronger. He continued this strategy until he was a Vasto Lorde, and he still continues this strategy, hoping to destroy Grimmjow as easily as Grimmjow destroyed his friends and Division.

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