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    Quote Originally Posted by cejiuo View Post
    What's wrong with the timeline? Oro was already in akatsuki when itachi joined and they showed it the same way? And the episode was awesome(except for the animation cuz its terrible) buuut...i so like when they make a good episodes...they're like Zod(i think it was like that,i havent played that game for years) rune in diablo II......soo rare

    This is a old thread, doesn't include spoilers for anime only watchers.

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    That's a good point. that scene was set in the past, so it's possible.

    @sage of the ninetails
    Not really, he's been shown previously already [when Hidan asked what were Akatsuki's goals]. Granted, it wasn't a full-on view, but they still revealed some of his face, hair, body, etc.

    Think about it ... his "first" appearance is still going to be epic.

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    perfect redstrife!! I was just going to tpye that, but you already did

    SWEET CHAPTER!! that Itachi.. what a guy ;p
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