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    Naruto Shippuuden Ep 114 Discussion

    Naruto Shippuuden 114: Eye of the Hawk

    Streaming link: Naruto Shippuuden 114 sub
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    I see Pain

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    damn ... it's out already XD! Shit it's so gay that i can't watch it i gotta go to a job interview in like 1 hour ... T_T wow this is gay !!!! I WANNA WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!

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    mmmm guess all the sasuke fans jeezed in their pants

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    aweseome awesome awesome, did i see a tear on oro's face. love the flashbacks.
    hmm did the change itachi's and kisame's voice, sounds gay for me ?????
    in this espisode we cann see why oro became like that, the span of life is everything for him.

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    Not a bad ep, it actually seemed to move with some pace compared to the slow ass filler eps.

    Ahhh its good to see the end of fillers...
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    How would I describe this episode lets see......

    FU%K!NG AWESOME!!!!!

    This is a clear example of how the anime can surpass the manga at times. Talk about connecting the dots!!

    Extra flashback's connecting Orochimaru from a kid to a jounin till the time he left the village and joined Akatsuki.


    **A side not to those Orochimaru fans who use to say he was so orginal as this episode points out most complex jutsu's are built on the jutsu's that came before them. Just like technology in the real world you dont reinvent the wheel to design a new car.

    Anyways really good stuff in here man Shippuden is really back on track!

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    It was a pretty good episode. I also liked the flashbacks. I still kind of wonder why Sasuke let Kabuto live.

    Anyways next episode looks ok. Meeting Suigetsu for the first time in the anime is going to be interesting.
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    lol back on track? Surely not, it's on a whole different level. Everything before this in Shippuuden was dragged down by lame pacing, (give or take a few episodes from the Hidan/Kakuzu arc) this is a sign of a brighter future. Kinda odd how Studio Pierrot is showing favoratism for Sasuke and his arc in the same way Kishimoto did the same.

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    Wow, that was great !!! (had I not read the manga before, I'd probably say EPIC!)

    The background we got on Oro gave us a better understanding of how he got there, although, we don't know exactly what caused him to be so evil. He did seem to care when the kid went straight into the explosion and when he saw Tsunade's brother dead.

    Am I mistaken or did we see ANBU Jiraiya? Thats a first, I think...

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