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    Death Note Fanclub

    D: I was wondering why someone hasn't made a fanclub to the awesome anime/manga Death Note, so I decided to make one myself.

    So anyways......

    This club is dedicated to the awesome anime/manga Death Note. If you want to join just ask and say what side you want to be on.

    Kira Followers, Shinigami,and the Anti-Kiras. ( I've chosen the Anit-Kira Side.)

    So join this awesome club I say or Kira will write you down in his Death Note!

    Kira Followers:
    Kira: ryusukai1990
    Misa: open
    Mikami: Hitsu
    Followers: Cloud King

    Mello: Lilmimichan >D
    Near: Gela
    Cops: open to 4
    Anti-Kiras: open to all.

    Rem: Open
    The King: open
    shinigami: open to all.
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    More at
    My Deviantart

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