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    Lightbulb How does this arc playout??? Place your Ideas!!!

    Well I have done a few prediction threads on Naruto but never really in Bleach so I thought I would give this a go. Bleach seems to follow a completly different pattern and I'm not as adept at reading it but I had some ideas I wanted to try out so here is my general idea of whats gonna happen in Bleach.

    (*please forgive me but I'm not good with remembering the long Jap names in Bleach)

    - With Hitsu & Soi seemingly defeating thier Espada the battle now shifts to Kyoraku vs Stark. The battle rages on back and forth then they both unveil thier final forms.

    - Kyoraku unveils his ability to control High wind pressure and reverse attacks back on Stark. The battle ends with Kyoraku using some high level move that seemingly destroys Stark.

    - Of course the point of the 3 captian finishing move was to lull the readers into thinking the Espada are done for but all 3 pop out suffering injuries but they all back away.

    - The 3 Espada all unveil some new power up move in which thier powers all increase unexpalinable again. Kyoraku hold his own with Soi & Hitsu having a slighty more difficult time. All 3 Espada sonida and prepar some kind of super Cero blast to end their battles but before they can fire powerfull Kido spells bind all three of them.

    - It is revealed it was Yamamoto and he yells "Enough!" he scolds the captains that they should learn to finish off an enemy properly and tells them to watch hows its done. Yamamoto uses his Shiki and everyone gets all bug eyed and he uses some engulfing flaming move we have never seen before that spreads towards the Espada.

    - The Espada all try desperatly to escape from the binding Kido but Yamamoto tells them its pointless! His Shiki flame consumes all three of them and reduces them to dust! with the 3 Espada finshed Yamoto claims its time to wrap things up with Aizen and al lthe Vice Captains start looking relieved that the battle is almost over.

    - Just as people start relaxing a huge overflowing reitsu is felt and its unveild that 6 hollow like warriors draped in fine armor have appeared and they are none other than the Vaste Lorde's.

    I see one of two ways they can enter:
    a) The VL where there the whole time watching all the Captains fight and studying thier abilites but hidden by Aizens Shiki illusion.

    b) They simply come thru the HM tunnels and appear as any other hollows

    - Aizen begins to grin and says the end is not far off now. All the VC look shocked of course and some begin to panic but the others tell them to have faith in thier captains and the regain composure.

    > * I made up my own names for the VL to make it easier to explain but I doubt these are thier real names. These just sounded kind of cool to me so I used them.

    The 6 VL are described as :

    A) VL Rubedo - has 3 sets of eyes with the third being on his forhead aligned verticaly. He wears light armor that covers only his chest.

    B) VL Nigredo - covered in heavy black armor with a tatterred cape even his head he wears a thick helmet with horns similar to Ichigo in full Hollow. His face his completely shadowed by the thick helemt.

    (* Kind of like the Judge from ff12 here:

    C) VL Albedo - White haired silent woman who wears one armored sholder pad and one armor fitting for her arm on the opposite side

    D) VL Citirinitas - a man with heavily armored feet and arms but light chest armor

    E) *VL Anima - A young looking male with a single horn on one side of his head

    D) *VL Animus - A young looking female with a single horn on the opposite side of her head as Anima <
    (*Brother and sister twins)

    - Anima looks at Yamamoto and points saying what about him sis? Animus mentions he did defeat the other 3 Espada single handedly. Anima mentions but they where soo weak!! Animus says stop complaining he should be a good enough test. They both simultanusly say we choose you and proceed to attack.

    - One of the VC mentions two on one is not fair but another tells them the commander general they are talking about there is no way he can loose. The battle continues as the twin pair attack Yamamoto at high speed with them flash stepping and sword fighting about unbelievable speed.

    - Ukitake looks as if he might join in but VL Albedo pops in front of him. VL Nigredo faces Kyoraku, VL Rubedo faces Soi fon & VL Citirinitas faces Hitsugaya. A major stand off begins & Komamura watches Yamamoto in awe.

    - Anima and Animus are attacing in perfect unison and going at it for awhile with Yamamoto who is hardly breaking a sweat. Yamamoto says that he grows tired of this kid game and uses his shiki flame which engulfs Anima seemingly killing him. He is left half disfigured & Animus screams out idiot!

    - VL Albedo pulls out her sword and yells "aqua vitae" (water of life) which restores Anima back to his orginal form. Anima says that was close guess its time for round 2 and stares at Animus and she replys right. They scream out and seemingly Fuse into one being with 2 seperate halfs right down the middle (like Zestu from naruto) with one half male the other female and now have horns on both sides of head as well as two seperate swords.

    - The fusion Anim immense power is felt by all captians and VC and they comment as he attacks with new found power and Yamamoto blocks with his sword but realizes that the fusion more than just doubled thier strength. Yamamoto is forced to use both hands on his sword to push them back.

    - Another round of high speed battle begins with Yamamoto taking it more seriously. Fusion Anim gets caught in Kido binding but breaks out of it easily countering with a energy blast. The scene changes to the other captians figting for thier lives.

    - Captain Kyoraku is holding his own but Nigredo isnt going all out either. Ukitake realizes he cant hold back & goes bankai. A VC comments that this is amazing all the captains fighting so seriously. Soi fon is not doing so well her attacks easily dodged by Rubedo. Citirinitas is not even bothering to dodge Hitsugaya's attacks simply using his heavily armored hands to deflect.

    - Fusion Anim is easily matching up with Yamamoto's every move but Yamo flashsteps and tries to cut him swiftly but F-Anim sonida above him and uses a high powered Cero that makes a huge blast as everyone looks in awe.
    Yamo was pushed far down by the blast but was able to repel it with much effort.

    - All of a sudden Yamamoto starts laughing and everyone looks puzzled. He says that he is impressed by thier strength but its time to put a end to this once and for all. He continues to say I havent had to do this on over 1000 years. Kyoraku and Ukitake both tilt thier heads toward Yamo and say "hes not going to...." they scream for everyone to "get back now!!!"

    - Yamamoto opens both eyes and say BANKAI!!! The scene plays out as it shows the efect of his reitsu as the sky begins to change and clouds spread out then ocean tides are seen pushing back out to sea and the earth below rumbles. The force is seen pushing down so heavy that even the VC are utterly paralyzed to move and all have bug eyes!!

    - Even the VL sonida back away as we see the Bankai Yamo drapped in all white and gold trim with slightly longer sleaves looking almost like a monk in flowing white robe. His sword glows luminecent and from it eminates a white flame so bright one can not look directly at it.

    - Yamo attacks the F-Anim with new found power that they can hardly resist. The balance of power has clearly tilted in Yamos favor with him slashing and Kido blasting the VL silly. F-Anim complains that now things are toublesome he didnt expect him to be this strong & the other half telling him to stop whinning and look out. Yamo continues his attack with F-Anim trying to dodge his attacks.

    - The other Captains seem confident now with Yamo in Bankai so step up thier own final attacks. Hitsu tries his ice move again as Soi begins her Cannnon fire. Ukitake puts both Swords end to end and summons lightining from the heavans.

    - The battle with Yammo drags on for a long time with alot of close calls for F-Anim and then the VL prepares another large Cero blast which Yamo absorbs with a White Dragon flame thing that nearly kills them and its shown Yamo breathing a little heavy. F-Anim seemingly disappears after the attack and a split second later attacks directly infornt of Yamo and prepares a Cero at point blank range and fires!!!!

    - Its unveild that Yammo was able to put a Kido shield to block the attack but then we see blood dripping below him. We see Anima had seprated from the fusion during the attack and Sonida right behind him and stabbed him. Everyone looks shocked as they see Yammo stabbed in the back and bleeding.

    - Anima begins laughing and tells him that they relaized that thier was no way they could defeat him in Bankai straight forward so they spent time studying him for a weakness. Animus says they noticed that ever since he went Bankai his movements have been slowing down little by little so they figured that the Bankai of such immense power must be taking its toll on his body.

    - Kyoraku thinks it must be his old age and Ukitake screams out "Sensei!" and then he himself starts coughing up blood. Kyoraku tell him to take it easy and worry about his own health the battle is not over yet. Out of Nowheer a Gaint sword come crashing down towards Animus who blocks it with her sword. It is none other than Komamura's Bankai and he looks furious. Anima pulls his sword out of Yammo and Sonida's above the Bankai armor and uses a Cero to send it crashing down towards the ground.

    - The brother sister duo fuse once agininto F-Anima and prepare a special Cero to kill Komamura who starts thinking in his head how he has no regrets and would gladly give his life for Yammo and flashbacks to meeting Yammo for the 1st time and hi msaving his life.

    - The Cero Blast goes off and F-anima begings laughing and saying two down! As the smoke clears it is revield that Yammo Flash stepped in front of the blast to protect Komamura who is bugg eyed suprised. Yammo looks pissed and begins to prepare for his finishing move and calls out his blades true power and tells them this is it!

    - He uses a new move called Solar Flare which spreads out like and expanding White sphere of blinding light faster than F-Anima can dodge they are caught in the wake of the blast and are reduced to dust!!! Shockwaves of the attack can be seen on the ground as the VC feel the effect of the heat and wind from above knocking things over.

    - Yammo put his sword away breathing heavy and eventually falls out of the sky and Komamura chases after him catching him before he hits the ground and brings him towards the Vc rest area.

    - Ukitake is using a powerfull lighting strike on VL Albedo who blocks it with one hand but is pushed back by the power of the attack enough for hi mto try and flash step towards Yammo but he is again blocked by a quick sonida by Albedo who gets in fornt of him.

    - Soi fon looks dumbfounded as she sees Yammo fall and gets distracted and smacked silly into the ground. Hitsu also looks concerned and uses his finishing move only to have Citirinitas break out of his attack and grab his sword saying his Zanpaktou is more like a childs play thing and knocks him around silly.

    - With Yammo knocked down his flamming wall blocking Aizen drops and everyone looks even more distressed. Gin mentions "awe we lost one" and Aizen mentions "no matter this little detour is in its finale" and ask the VL's to end this quickly. All 4 remaining VL sonida up high in the air and prepare some kind of combo Cero attack. Everyone looks sh^t faced ...

    - Just as it looks like everyone is done for everything seems to stop. Tessai fromer head of the Kido corps ops up and tells them he is using a forbidden time space Kido and is getting ready to transport everyone out of here. One of the Vc mentions they cant abandon the battlefield and Tessai says not to wory arrangements hav been made. Everyone is then teleported out of the area leaving Aizen and the VL.

    - Gin says "wow never thought they would run away I was looking forward to them fighting to the death." Tosen mentions to the VL its time to bring down the barrier and all 4 VL prepare then fire destorying the 4 barriers & Karuk town begins to return.

    - The scene changes to Teesei who teleported everyone to the 4th Squad HQ for healing where they seem to be managing even without thier captain and Vc. The scene changes back to Aizen and his minionsas he says oh I see then we switch back to Teesei as he explains that Kisuke and Yourichi made a back up plan just in case. They moved all the human souls inside sereiti sacred borders of pure souls itself as a last minute percaution. Everyone seems slightly releaved.

    - The scene changes back to Aizen and company as Gin says my that was sure clever I guess we will be heading back thier after all. Tousen mentions we where going ot have to go back anyways. Aizen grins and says lets go as they all dissapear.

    - The scene changes back again and we see several 4th squad members working on Yammo , Hitsu , Soi and talking about with each other. One of the Vc asks wont that mean they will be her any minute we are in no shape to deal with them now. Tessai tells them "this areas is under a special kido which masks thier reitsu" and adds "didnt I say plans have already been laid and not to worry" Just as he says that everyone feels the immense reitsu of Aizen & company and several scenes of shingami reacting to the overwhelming powers they feel.

    - Kyoraku arrives in the 1st division chambers with Komamaru & Ukitake and is greeted by Yourichi as she explains to them that Kisuke is busy working with 12th division in central 46. As Aizen & company arrive Gin looks sightly startled and says "oh we have been expected". Aizen says "How long have you bee waiting us"

    - "Since before you where in your mother belly" - Shinji says and we see all the Vizards floating to match Aizens forces above Soul society. Yourchi explains that Hachigen(fatty vizard) is working with Kisuke to find a way to bring Ichigo and the other captains back.

    Sorry for the length but well thats more or less the general idea so what do you think?

    Please post your own ideas here as well!

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    Given this much thought.
    I agree with the general flow.
    The basic parts I would have predicted.
    I think:
    The current captains will win.
    The VL will appear and kick some butt, (the captains being tired)
    Yama-ji might fight a little in shikai - maybe hold his own (being the only one who can)
    The vizards show up
    Aizen retreats.

    Don't think Yama-ji will show his bankai or that the shinigami will leave the field first.
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    I think you summed it all up, and I think we might see a majority of the stuff you explained happening, then again, such ideas have been floating around for quite some time.
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    Here is what I think will happen:

    1. Harribel and Barragan aren't dead yet, but somehow rendered inutile for the match.
    2. Stark extremely overpowers Kyouraku to the point of desperation.
    3. Kyouraku then teams up with Ukitake. I think this was foreshadowed by Yama's remarks way back in the SS arc about how as a team, their power is unrivaled. Thus I think this is highly likely to happen.
    4. The Kyouraku-Ukitake team succeeds in rendering Stark inutile after a difficult battle.

    Now here is where I'm torn between a few paths the story can take:
    First Path:
    1. Aizen reveals something that will bring the Top 3 top to life.
    2. With the top 3 fresh and the captains exhausted, the battle swiftly turns to the Espada's favour.
    3. Vaizards/Urahara/Yoruichi/Ishida's dad/Isshin save the day.

    Second Path:
    1. Aizen reveals that the top 3 Espada's death gives him the power to attract the Vl to his side.
    2. With the top 3 fresh and the captains exhausted, the battle swiftly turns to the Aizen's favour.
    3. Vaizards/Urahara/Yoruichi/Ishida's dad/Isshin save the day.

    Third path:
    1. Espada are defeated.
    2. A shocking message comes in from Soul Society about the real Aizen doing something over there.
    3. Captains cannot return back to SS in time.
    4. Vaizards/Urahara/Yoruichi/Ishida's dad/Isshin save the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post

    B) VL Nigredo
    lmao i find this to be funny idk why tho . : D

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    Very good..I enjoyed it.
    But there is something that bugs the espada could be defeated so easily(if they really are).I was looking forward to the top 3 once I saw what ulquiorra was capable of but now I'm not so sure..

    I mean if kubo does decide that they are dead, just as you pointed out, he will have to introduce a whole bunch of new baddies to justify all the good guys headed to the fight..and I don't know I'm just venting now lol

    But great overall,really like the pasing and the fact that SS actually takes SOME damage.

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    Spidereyes, I think this arc has been forshadowed by quite some time that Kubo has to introduce new baddies, if not for the sake of finding matchups for the vizard.
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    despite the top 2 being dead and the primera left alone. there is still an army of both adjuchas and menos grande in HM that aizen could probably unleash into this battle. if there are any VL's, then yeah, SS is doomed for sure.

    i think before any of this happens, kubo needs to do something more with ichigo and his powers. maybe if ichigo becomes more hollow now, he could defeat aizen.

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    wow, i think i agree with ur predicition not all of it but the concept and the turn of events and stuff like that well i could have never predicted it better but i most say thats one hell of a good prediction

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    I agree more to Kuroi's predictions in that the Top 3 are far from finished. Let's put it this way:

    -Barragan has the ability to control time, and the ability to stop time altogether. It would seem kinda silly for him to be taken out by a nuke, that while powerful, isn't all that fast, especially if his ability (not to meantion his already speedy sonido, he is a top espada after all) would easily allow him to dodge it.

    -Hailbel: For a person who controls water, it would seem odd for her to be killed by meer ice. It would seem she had a shield up as well, why would Kubo do that for no reason? Also, Hailbel was pawning Bankai Hitsugaya before her release, it would seem odd that she is weaker after releasing. She has been holding back after all, since she wants to use an attack that will not only take out Hitsugaya, but also her main target Yamamoto.

    -Stark: Considering Shinsui has just released his shikai, he wouldn't have needed to release so early, his just mucking about.

    Also, considering the huge difference between Vizard Ichigo and stage 1 release Ulquiorra, I would have assumed that Vizard Ichigo = Bankai Captain, thus (to keep those who think Ulquioora release stage 2 > Stark) the top 3 espada's must be stronger than average captain (you gotta admit, Hitsugaya is down there with mayuri and that).

    My predictions: Hailbel and Barragan get serious and take out Hitsugaya and Soi Fon (you gotta admit she's pretty much worn out now). Stark and Shinsui's fight is gonna pull out for quite a bit, Shinsui will show of more of his shikai abilities, then his gonna Bankai, still lose and have Ukitake do a joint bankai technique which will just manage to equal Starks most powerful move. As for the other espada's, the Vizards will take care of them. Isshin and Ishida are in the real Karuka and are their last line of defence. They will take on the VL's.

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