Wow I cant believe no one has made a post about this yet.

Basically its about a high school chemistry teacher who gets cancer and the only way he could pay for all the medical expenses in time and have enough for his family was to do something illegal. Making meth is the name of the game. But thats not all, theres alot of expected issues he runs into along the way.

Its very well written and goes over issues which some of you most likely have thought about (actually I only know but one anime fan who is into anything even related to illegal substances lol). Basically though its entertaining and does what any TV show or Movie should, fully emerge you into it.

It just ended its second season, and I havent checked but it should have a 3rd season by the way the story was going.

By the way, Stephen King said its the best TV show out in his opinion. Its personally my favorite, even over lost.