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    Need website help-to change America

    fixed the title... ~zidane

    I need someone good at making a website and forum. Basically my goal is to change america into a Direct Democracy, where you dont elect people to vote for you on issues, YOU vote for the issues.

    Until now, a DD would have been impossible due to the massive amounts of people who would participate. There would be too much frustration and work to deal with counting everyones votes on the given topics at hand. Thanks to the greatest invention in my eyes, the internet, everyone can voice their opinion and have it counted in an instant without all the hassle.

    Now I could go on for pages describing how it would work, overcoming foreseeable problems (such as hackers, corruption, etc.), but I would rather put my efforts into the site.

    Basically I want a forum with as many subsections as possible and to be able to organize it to my liking. After creating a good structure, open it to the public and have them give their thoughts in a section on how to better improve the idea and etc.

    I am willing to fund the site, I just need someone to help me get this started. I had over a week traveling cross country to think about this and i have come up with many ideas of how to structure it and solutions to problems which will occur.
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