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    Gears, Mass effect, fable 1 and 2. We're all boring to me.

    The same goes for alot of other rpg's. I try to play them, but I get to impatient.

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    Although I enjoy RPG's, I could never get into any mmo's. Gave WoW a try, but it just didn't appeal to me.

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    Gears of War 1/2: I find it very boring. Imo its unappealing to the eye on an artistic and stylistic standpoint, the gunplay is very functional, but its repetetive, the cover system i find is really hard to adjust too especially in spaces with a lot of objects to cover from, and the story is throw in the garbage. The only thing I can praise in that game is the multiplayer, but that requires a lot of practice and skill, which given I dont like many aspects of the game already, will not sacrifice my time and effort towards that.

    Thats all I can think up now atm.

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    Wow! I just can't understand, why some people said Assasins Creed! It's an awesome game!
    I just couldn't get into Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic and the Sims 1&2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Light-kun View Post
    Wow! I just can't understand, why some people said Assasins Creed! It's an awesome game!
    I just couldn't get into Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic and the Sims 1&2
    Assassin Creed got that Jerusalem glitch they claim to fix but it still crashes.

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    Mass Effect: Heard it's amazing, tried it, and just couldn't get into it.

    Final Fantasy 9: After a while I forced myself to play just to give it another chance. Nope.

    Black + White 1 & 2: Neat concept, heard it was great. Did not hold my interest for long.

    I'm surprised to see so many saying Half-Life. I recently revisited part 2 and played it through.

    Assassin's Creed barely held my interest, barely. I beat it though. It was just so damn repetitive. Most of the time I'd just go on a guard killing spree to see the type of body count I could rack up.

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    Slovakia, not Slovenia - LEARN THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE !!!
    Sims genre - creating a sim was fun ... and caring for him was extremely boring

    Bioshock - Had much to big expectations ... end up ruining the game for me ... plus the
    retro theme was annoying

    Mirrors Edge - jumping and jumping and jumping until the game itself jumps into garbage

    Crysis - Graphics were nice but ... I dont even know what made it boring to play

    F.E.A.R 1-2 - Scary? No ! Doom 1 was 5x scarier then these games together

    Hitman genre - Glitches and horrible ragdoll, plus low graphics standards
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    FF XII- It didn't feel like a real FF game and a really didn't like the new gameplay.

    Resident Evil 5- Just couldn't get into it, don't know why.

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    Resident Evil - I just never liked the format :/

    Half Life wasn't all that great but I slogged through

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    Fallout 3 and Oblivion IV for me, those games bored me absolutely shitless.

    Oh and any Kingdom Hearts game, Disney induces vomiting.
    I know it's supposed to be a good series but I will never find out, just can't get past the whole Disney thing blehhhh.

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