GREETINGZ AND HELLO ONE AND ALL! please allow me to introduce me-self, BW is the name, even tho im pretty sure 51% of the forums already knows that.

if a thread like this already exist, please excuse my idiocy, i just didnt feel like lookin. NOW ON POINT, i made this thread to see if any members here play ANY musical insturments, which ones, how good do you rate urself and are ya in a band?.

me myself? i play a lil guitar but im better on bass. im just pickin up on the drums, my favorite thing to practice on them is A.T.W.A (air, trees, water, animals) by system of a down (my favorite band of ALL TIME)

when i was a kid i was great with the harmonica but i havent played one or owned one in years. i dont own any insturments, i play with my best friends stuff, he has drums, bass a nice les paul and a few other nifty things. well i've been runnin my mouth to much so NOW you guys discuss OH! on guitar i'd rate myself a 4, 6 on bass and 5 on drums.