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    I take alto sax in school and play for the jazz band. Also, I play tenor sax (very similar to alto) and clarinet (same key as tenor sax), which my brother taught me. I don't play music in my free time, but at school we mostly play classical pieces in band class, and jazz (obviously) in jazz band

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    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    You know what helped me on that? More drumming. Even if its stuff thats too fast for you legs, still do it, it will help.

    As with any instrument, practice should be consistent. If you can't play something perfectly in time, slow down, and play it steadily. Steady speed, steady attack, steady velocity.

    Playing things at speeds where you can't play steadily will damage your technique and it'll take you longer to be able to play it.

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    Well..I guess it would be ok to show people. My friend Daniel aka 2tone, is a local horrorcore rapper, and he asked me for some help on this demo he wanted to make. So we worked on it for around 3 months. Nothing huge, i did really enjoy it though, i like his rapping style. I worked on all the music and beats. Some beats we're done with instruments, (guitar, drums, bass, piano) others using a program.

    I was going to post the link to his music myspace, but since I no longer have myspace, I don't think i can access it, so what i did was upload the songs in rapidshare, so if you're looking for some new music, go ahead and listen to this.

    Blatant Disregard For Life:

    Behind These Eyes:

    Scriptures of The Wicked:

    Children of Darkness:


    Fuck The World:

    The ones i enjoyed the most we're Behind These Eyes and Children of Darkness, that song, i really love it.

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