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    I dare you

    Reborn! Chapter 245 Discussion/246 Predictions

    Tsuna owned that guy, like I said he would.... and Yamamoto's box weapon looks awesome


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    Go Go Yamamoto! Awesome ^^

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    nice chapter, that guy didnt last long against tsuna and im sure genkishi is going to get his ass handed to him by yamamoto this time

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    I knew Genkishi was going to pop up sooner or later, but this was still somewhat surprising. Seems like Yamamoto will take a page off Zoro from One Piece and try some Santoryuu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Cross] View Post
    Seems like Yamamoto will take a page off Zoro from One Piece and try some Santoryuu.
    With some assistance from his dog...

    Genkishi looks a little weird now, like he's Frankenstein's monster. I wonder what happened to him after his fight with Tsuna. Anyway Genkishi isn't going to last long against the new and improved Yamamoto.

    So I guess this battle is going to come down to see how long Gokudera can stall Kikyo and how quickly Tsuna and Yamamoto can take out Daisy.

    Although, I still think that Torikabuto hasn't made his last appearance. If he has, these "Real" 6 funeral Wreaths are quite the disappointment.

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    The "swallow blade" (as i will call it) has the symbol for the Vongola primo on it, so i guess that's his new special Vongola weapons used by the first rain guardian (pictured on the left). O:

    Maybe the dog did turn into the blade?, that would explain the random feathers on the final page of the last chapter.

    Doesn't really make any sense with just this one page as a spoiler...but whatev's i'll take it. xD;;;
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    The swallow's just an ordinary box-weapon, the dog is the vongola box-weapon. It carries swords! Yamamoto reminds me of Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho.

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    man i am anxiously awaiting this next chapter...and episode...
    though i just wish genkishi would die already, he's a cheater bastard >.>
    go yamamoto! kick his ass!

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    when do the chapter come out for this manga? is it a weekly or a mothly

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    Yeah they come out weekly. BTW thanks for posting the spoiler pic without a spoiler tag Broken, you probably spoiled the chapter for a few people including myself. Thanks again =D

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