God gave us free will, without it we'd be robots, pointless and unable to become god-like.

Imagine God, alone, in eternity before creation. God desired companionship of intelligent, interesting, and good beings. He could create them ready made like that, but if he did he'd just be making mind numbed robots or at best little copies of himself. That wasn't inteeresting.

In order to acheive his goal, his pet creation (us), had to have the potential to become like him (hence being made in his own image). Humans needed to be able to grow, learn, evolve, and make choices.

I think that God hoped/planned that through millenia of learning, trials, and development, a new race of man that was wise, and good will emerge. In the meanwhile those who are good (potentially), get to go to heaven to await the final fullfillment of God's plans.

BTW. There is nothing wrong with this thread. It is an opportunity for us to engage phillosophically. Also non-Christians can have their say as well. I fully support Hagane, the Ice Nomad's right to make this thread.

Why must discussing God be seen as a religious event?