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well lets keep this civil lol kanyes early work is insane with the lyrics from his first two albums even his 808's was lyrical in a different matter charles hamilton a singer?? I urge you to do your research now on him and your right Black has no reason to believe he is any where near Jay-z's level once again I say that Black is not bad he is just not above the bar jay-z sets and I also think you are severly underestimating Young Jeezy listen to Thug motivation or Thuggin 101 he is a good ass lyricist just because he doesnt have the same flow doesnt mean he is bad. And calling GUCCI a bad rapper is border line ridiculous he did one song with soulja boy who I agree is terrible but again listen to some of his songs the man is ridicoulous with his rythmes but again Gucci wit jay-z is just a far off dream of mine.

ps sorry about the run on sentences ;p
I didn't say Knye is bad, i actually like him but comparing him to Mos is somewhat ridiculous...even he knows that (lol). Im not underestimating Young Jeezy...at all, its just that he wouldn't survive when put against any of these guys. Gucci Mane? lol Mos has probably forgotten better lyrics than he'll ever think up. You keep ignoring the fact that MF DOOM and Nas are on Mos Def's team.

Sorry if i came accros kinda rude but your suggestions for Jay seem silly...i woulda taken it more seriously if you mentioned guys like Talib Kweli, Common, Raekwon etc... true lyricists.