If the juubi lacks ideals and feelings then why would its individual components (the 9 beasts) develop them? Were they beginning in chino/cub form with a strong and potent indiscrimination and chaotic dispassion the juubi had? Was existing alongside humanity what created feelings and ideals in the juubi? If they had the capacity to form them then could the juubi as well?

Is the juubi the sole force of creation during the formation of the planet and landscapes because humans and other creatures have traits that reflect a separate and deeper influence than what the juubi could handle or provide. Mainly, their own origin of feelings and ideals.

Perhaps feelings and ideals are the natural phenomena in this case.

The sage spoke to the cub beasts as if their new existence would be for the sake of learning a valuable lesson. I wonder if even a shred of the bijuu experiences will influence or manifest in the current juubi or if it is completed. Something must have survived the reconstitution.