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    Naruto 609 Discussion / 610 Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inderos View Post
    Thanks for the post Inderos. Great chapter, Naruto and the fox are bada$$. Now the real battle begins.

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    Wow incredible chapter, lots of tactical thinking and action.

    You know, i thought of something. Since in order to complete the moon's eye plan, Madara needs to become the jinnchuriki of the Juubi, but yet how does he plan to go about doing so? I mean, the beast does not know who he is, and will likely be hostile to him.

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    Nice tactic of sending K into Tobi so they could double team him. The 10 tails has arrived! It feels like Naruto might be coming to an end, had it not been for Oro coming back and Sasuke still running around with unknown motives, and I'm still not sure Bee survives this.

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    My God, was that ever an epic chapter. Most epic since The Nine Names, actually. Hopefully those will come into play now, too.

    Neither Kakashi nor Obito seems willing to land a killing blow. Obito insists on sucking Kakashi into the other dimension, despite knowing that Kakashi can escape. Kakashi gains a perfect opportunity to put a Raikiri through Obito's gut, but instead goes with a few punches (although I liked that scene nonetheless). And while Obito finally revealed his Mokuton (albeit in a weak manner), it was too little too late; he still refused to show any Rinnegan techniques.

    But how epic was it when Naruto landed his surprise headbutt, bringing things full circle to Ch.563/564? And his commenting on Obito's suffering mug... Naruto has really stepped into his hero role since Obito and Madara started messing with his friends.

    I was also really hoping to see Kurama appear again, and this chapter delivered; as expected, Naruto (via Kurama) is able to give chakra to Kakashi (which also appears to have healed his wounds). It's far more epic seeing Kurama work together with Naruto, although his expression was a little *too* friendly in this chapter.

    I really liked Naruto's copy making himself useful off-screen, teaming up with Bee in Bijuu Mode to finally attack the Mazou while Madara was momentarily taken out. I wonder if Naruto will heal Guy, too? And why can't the Eight Tails give out chakra?

    I have no idea what to expect from next chapter, other than epicness. Will Madara or Obito succeed in becoming the Juubi's Jinchuuriki? Will Naruto's Nine Names come into play? Will Obito switch sides in the next few chapters to save the good guys? So many possibilities, but the FRIGGIN JUUBI just arrived on the scene.

    Personally, I can't wait to see more from Madara. Obito rightfully had his time, as did Kakashi... now to deal with the REAL battle.
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    that chapter did indeed rock righteously, for all the reasons already mentioned and more. I liked the Naruto/Kakashi/Kurama teamwork there. A raikiri to the gut would have been the sensible option IF Obito was to die at this point in the manga and have no possibility of redemption. He's just gotta reconcile himself with the good guy he used to be.

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    I honestly don't see how sasuke is gonna top this fight. He might as well go n turn himself in or smth now. Nth is gonna be able to top the level of epicness we are seeing now. N kakashi with new possible warping abilities? He is probably gonna come up with something pretty badass as usual given his intellect.

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    Kyuubi sure is smart. And he seems a bit bored, just like Madara.

    Kakashi/naruto combo was epic...rly i didn't expact it. i forgot how their connected techs work lol. And prepare for juubi, although he's not complete.

    Ah, i forgot to mention. Great bitch slap there Kakashi!
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    Now for things to finally pick up ^_^, 10 tails, show us your power.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Nice chapter. If only Kakashi doesn't need any answer, he could have put a hole through Obito's body. He should have done more than a punch though.

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