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    Vote Now..Poll to help prevent spamming of our beloved Mangashare Site

    Over the past 2 years The Spamming of Mangashare by Spammers, both human and Bots, has become more rampant, excessive, and Breathtaking in scope and volume.

    I have tried very hard to nudge or otherwise inspire our Administrators to mount some kind of defense of the site, but other than a promise to study their options, nothing as far as I can see has been done. Meanwhile the spamming onslaught continues.

    The image below is a case in point:


    The spammer in question signed up for membership and Immediately Flooded our forums with a Breathtakingly stunning barrage of spam.

    This spammer could easily have been stopped by a minimum of say 5 to 10 post in the regular forums before being able to start a new thread. Other spam bots could easily be stopped by Captchas.

    An administrator once said(in so many words) that he disfavored the inconvenience posed by Captchas and minimum posts to members/users, but Lets be honest, most sites already protect themselves by multiple means which include Captchas, and Everyone who uses the Internet practically expects to have to go through some anti-spam screening. Nobody would be offended or put off by minimum posts of Captchas in this day and age.

    The price of inaction is that we'll lose members and site visitation/ time on site will diminish. In short the Administrators risk damaging Mangashare by not acting.

    So we come to this post:

    Here is a simple poll.

    Are you (as members) in favor of a minimum post requirement, and/or a captcha system to prevent the unprotected spamming of Mangashare? YES or NO

    Please Vote if you care about our site, let the Mods and Admins know that we stand behind/beside them and support bold initiative to protect Mangashare.
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