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    One Piece Have you seen this One Piece Opening?

    Just a question. It's been driving me crazy that when the newest song first premiered I watched a longer version on youtube, watch-onepiece, or onepiecestream. Actually not to sure of the site but it was probably 1 of these.

    I also believe it might only have came on when the song first debuted. Anyway, I was sure I saw a clip of what was to come when Luffy is fighting the Gorgon sisters in the arena. It was all in shadow if I remember correctly but I could tell he was fighting 2 shapes like snakes and I could tell it was Luffy because he was was steaming, presumablly from gear 2nd and he was "jet" punching the 2 snake figures from the air. I believe It came on about a couple of seconds in the song after they had showed Boa and the other amazons.

    I am beginning to believe I just imagined it. If you believe you saw it too or know where to find it, it would be greatly appreciated if you responded. If you have DEFINITIVE PROOF to show me if I WAS or WAS NOT imagining it I would still be grateful. But if you just have an opinion I was imagining it, please keep it to yourself. It's not necessary.

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    youre just seeing things

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    Definitely, I went through that part 3 times

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    its very probable that you did see that... I mean they shos luffy in ID in that song so why not the fight from earlier in the story.

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