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Employees at the Anderson Municipal Business Center said they’re seeing ghosts. They said the sightings started last month, with the latest sighting happening Thursday morning.

Security guard Rob Colbert said he was working late when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye.

“So I stopped talking and I went back, and checked it, and when I saw it I said, ‘Huh,’” Colbert said.

He said he saw movement on the surveillance camera in the credit union office when no one was there.

“Just like a little ghostly figure, walking around,” Colbert described.

The video shows a white blur, sometimes two, floating around the room to a chair, sitting down and disappearing.

IT Director Mark Cunningham, who oversees the surveillance systems for the Municipal Business Center, said he checked the cameras and found nothing out of order.

“Like I said, we really have no idea what it could be,” Cunningham said.

The staff said they tried to come up with explanations for the blur. They tried closing the blinds, thinking it might have been a reflection from outside. But they said, it showed up again and looked even clearer than before.

They said they cleaned the camera lens and resealed the camera cover, but the image reappeared.

They said they see the image only in the credit union office, and it doesn’t cause any trouble.

“If it is a ghost, maybe it’s Casper the friendly ghost,” said Frances Parham.

The staff is calling the image Claire, for clairvoyant.

Employees said they don’t have an explanation for why a ghost would haunt the building.

The Municipal Center is brand new, and the building that used to occupy the lot was a service station