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    This isn't a thread which manga is the best...its about the fights
    Meaning you make an argument about the power,skill,etc etc and you make your oppinion.....

    God i hate it when optards start riots without a cause....

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    obviously my vote go's with bleach fights, the captains are indeed the main fighting force of SS.

    i like naruto fights, i feel them to be more realistic in a sense, plus the jutsu system ill admit is full of win

    OP........BLEH, i tried watching OP in 07, never again -_-'. i havent read the manga at all so im not gonna harsh on it, but of the 3 bleach wins in the art department hands down

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    i loved the bleachfights from the soulsociety arc... there was something, that made me screaming when something awfull happened... or cheering when hilarious things happened :>.... the fights from hueco mundo or the hottest fights are just boring shit ;/

    nartuofights are ok...exciting and such stuff.

    most op fights are boring....there are some n1 ones, but the bigger part sucks :p.
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    One Piece comes top for its ability to powerscale properly, for some unbelievably unique ideas for powers, and for the superior writing of general scenes leading to fights with higher tension. The fights themselves are... So-so, probably the weakest point of One Piece in general, but then I feel the fights in all of the Shounen Trinity are fairly mediocre and at least One Piece does one very specific type of fight extremely well: the one sided stomp.

    Bleach takes second, the fight scenes themselves are not particularly engaging and indeed, are sometimes unbelievably ponderous, but what Bleach has over the others is superior character design and a writer with a great sense for making things cool. I have yet to see a Bankai I didn't think was awesome as hell, and whilst the rest of the fight is boring as hell and/or makes absolutely no sense in the context of power levels, the coolness is usually enough to leave me thinking a fight was at worst decent. Drama in fights is almost non-existent due to pitiful writing.

    Naruto comes bottom of the heap, boring techniques used over and over and over in different fights, a poor sense for superficial cool (Giant demon raccoon Gaara! Drag Queen Curse Seal Sasuke! Complete with lipstick!) and just as bad a grip on elementary power scaling as Bleach. Fights are interrupted with flashbacks too often. Drama is there in fights, but is generally monotone and related to either angst or homoerotic undertones. Post fight villain reformations are getting very, very repetitive, and have gotten progressively poorer in terms of believability and quality of writing throughout the series. At least people die sometimes though.

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    it goes like this..

    Bleach: fight - fight - fight - fight - a litle story - tons of fights again, in the end it is boring if the one that fights isnt at least captain, i want to see some story too

    Naruto: emo - fight - story - fight - sasuke come back - fight - story - and so on..
    its quiet ballanced, the fighting and the story development i think, i find it pretty good

    One piece: funy luffy - dreams - funy luffy beaten all the time by nami - try to fight - grand line - tons of laught - story - some fights - 9 members - a lot of fun - JAIL! (but sill funny ;p)
    fights/history is not as ballanced as in naruto untill now, but its the funiest of all ;D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petelin View Post
    This isn't a thread which manga is the best...its about the fights
    Meaning you make an argument about the power,skill,etc etc and you make your oppinion.....

    God i hate it when optards start riots without a cause....
    Obviously you lack the ability to read. I have already stated my opinion and a very reasonable answer to your pointless statements. Why do you think they're classified as fantasy or at least partial fantasy? Uhh...dunno...maybe it's because they contain the entertaining yet unrealistic fights and scenes which you're criticizing on. You're criticizing on what's supposed to be there...-.-. A better way to start out your thread would just be what you think of the battles instead of claiming how they're so absurd, because if you haven't noticed, they're closed-ended arguments that people have move passed on.

    Might I also include that you contain massive internal conflict if you truly consider yourself as the incarnation of logic.
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    each one is different. bleach looks cool, swords and pretty cool drawings but it has no progression.

    one piece is like this amazing story, and the fights scenes are more than just people in the way, its part of the story. yeah i guess the fighting kinda sucks though

    and for naruto, its amazing to see how the kagebunshin and rasengan can be used in so many various ways and im not being sarcastic. kish has to be pretty creative

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