Right off I am talking about late term Abortion, and the Murder today of a Doctor who has persistently performed them

For references I present this ....Google News search Page.

Doctor George Tiller was assassinated today inside his church. For years he has been just One out of about 5 doctors who will perform a late term abortion. Dr. Tiller has been under threat, harassment, and has even had his arms shot, for performing late term abortions. Yet he has persisted until today when he was gunned down.

This is a very difficult subject for many people myself included, because I am viscerally opposed to murder, yet I find what the Doctor has been doing viscerally disturbing.

I'd like to invite comments from you readers as to how you feel about the incident, about the laws, and about Late term abortion.

Please, before you comment be sure that you truly understand what Late term abortion is.

Please read this link


Google The term

After you are satisfied that you are well informed, then place a comment. As always, no flaming, no insults, and no breaking of MS rules. Thank you.