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    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post
    BB weakness..his yami yami no mi..that stuff make him receive damage 3 temes more than a normal one.
    Quote Originally Posted by FenixMarco View Post
    Lazy mofo! Couldn't you looked up ace vs blackbeard chapter. Well here it is.

    Here's the better translation, I highlighted the part he says it. The anime also has BB say he takes in twice the damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by eleven11 View Post
    It seems like BB has a lot of "health points" though, he tanked WBs full on attacks, and still relatively fine. So even though he receives extra damage, you would really need to pile it on.
    Wasn't something also said, or discussed earlier, something like he receives more pain but his fruit partially helps keep him alive no matter the pain?

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    There's also something strange with Blackbeard's body in general, stated by yours truly,Marco.

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    he's also fat and bootlegged

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    I think someone also said that his Darkness can absorb damage from his body, much like Kuma can repel damage.

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    I know that the best weapon for darkness is light. But i don't see the fight being BB vs Kizaru. Now, on the other hand, I could see a battle with Luffy and some Pacifista vs BB. Since the Pacifista can use Kizaru's power, it might be enough to help beat BB.

    In the end though, I think he will be beaten with haki.

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