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No, not really.

In case you failed to realize, as the title of the thread would suggest, the Finals thread was designed to make early predictions on the outcome of the event (who would win it and so forth and why? Blah blah blah blah blah...), mine is a reflection on the entire season, leading up to last night's big moment. Your reaction to the events that occurred throughout the year (LeBron being ousted by Orlando in the Conference Finals for example)? And your reaction to last night (hence the title, ...Banner 15)? What you predict will happen during the summer (draft, summer-leagues, trades, etc...)? And what you predict will happen next season as a result of what happened this year?

Can't really break it down anymore than that. I realize the title of my thread was a bit misleading (but the one that would have been, I guess, clearer, wouldn't have been as catchy). Besides, I explained what I expected out of starting that thread pretty thoroughly.
It doesn't matter. The NBA doesn't get enough attention on this forum to warrant two threads discussing it, especially not one designed for the off season, or the regular season. The only time people bother to discuss is there is the playoffs, and more precisely, the finals. There is no necessity for two threads. You want to discuss what will happen in the next year? Do it here.