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lol of course daisy can be left by herself...wtf? She's one of the wreaths..whereas shouichi is one of the non-people lol.
Its a handicap in a way, because if shouichi runs out of flames, then they don't have a commander for the ENTIRE choice game =="
Don't forget Irie was also part of the [fake] Funeral Wreaths too. He is not to underestimated. However, we've yet to see him in actual combat so... we can't really judge him right now. Though he seems more geared to be the 'behind the scene' kind of guy.

If Daisy was also on the offense, they'd probably end the game faster. I don't see any reason to leave her behind since as you said, she's one of the wreaths. She can defend herself. Just leaving her behind just reduces the Millifiore's offense and imo, is in a way, looking down/underestimating the Vongola.

Irie running our of flame = game over. So it's not really them having a commander or not. lol