Chapter's out:

I thought that it was interesting that Daisy is just going to sit there waiting to be attacked. If I was playing, my first job would be to hide her somewhere less conspicuous and leave somebody to protect her, like Gokudera is doing for Shoichi.

Also, I think that Tsuna is a better defensive player than Gokudera, because of his greater mobility, and his X-Burner would be really good in a small enclosed location.

Also the Cervello... 10 years ago they were under the direct orders of the IX Vongola... Now they're "A branch of the Millefiore"... They're so annoying.

Oh well, good chapter... I'm curious to see Squalo's reaction to Yamamoto's fighting, and the Guardians in general.

Edit: BTW, I hate it when Mangakas mess up basic math... 100% - 99.99% = 0.01% not 0.001%... grrrrr...