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    Bah the difference is Uroquiorra is a monster with senses in him. Kenpachi is a monster WITHOUT ANY FREAKIN SENSE! The only feeling he enjoys is to fight and cut an opponent. If he likes the opponent enouth, he would keep him alive to fight him again! So yeah this guy is nuts... Though if you touch Yachiru, who knows what kenpachi would do! Go bankai not with his zanpakuto, but with himself! heheh (he is sharper and stronger than his sword)

    Kenpachi might pull this one off, in the right situation

    Also to point out the battle between ichigo and kenpachi, 'remember the last slash showed the hollow mask inside. SO i am taking that his hollow helped him. Remember when the hollow use to pop out of ichigo? I would say he was as strong as teh hollow that poped in ichigo againts uroquiorra.

    Also remember the first time on earth, When ichigo was figthing Yami(i believe that's his name), Uroquiorra went, Oh when his spirit is fluctuating his reatsu is even higher than mine. Which means, if ichigo would of tagged at that time with his hollow, he would of beat yami and urroquiorra. That's the hollow in ichigo power, thats'the same hollow that slashed kenpachi down.

    Maybe his new hollow isnt the same as the one i mentioned, but remember, ichigo just got the mask, and i can tell u, he is alot weaker with his mask, then when the hollow pop out of him. Why? Caus ichigo still has to understand some of the hollow power, He still has to draw some of its power.

    * Just a pointer nothing to do with the thead : Also remember the hollow said he is zangetsu, i think he became the source of ichigo power and zanpakuto. Like zangetsu ichigo has to get to know him. He gave him that supprise againts uroquiorra, just like he might have otehr suprises.
    Dont be suprise if ichigo has 2 bankai stage or something simular. Speed was just the beggining i believe...

    Tell me if that makes sense guys? ok?
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