Alright..imma sound like such a noob....well

My parents got me an HP laptop for my bday...well early bd present, and well I tried to get on Microsoft Word and it asks for a Product Key. The only 25 character Product Key I could find was under the laptop and when I key'd the key it says its idk what other product key, the box doesn't have a big product key like that...SO anyone want to help me?? The last time I had to program a new comp was years ago and yeah...forgot how..

For anyone who wishes to help me..
The key has to be 25 characters long
The key is needed for Microsoft Word, it says after 25 uses it'll ask for one
The Microsoft Word program is the one that came with the comp, it wasn't downloading or bought.
Any other info just ask me and ill answer..if I can..well yeah, thanks to anyone who can help