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Interesting chapter, Daisy is definitely an odd girl, giving the opponent a dead flower. Blue Bell is cute to no end though. <3 I can't wait for the next chapter though, the battle finally begins. I'm worried about Shoichi though, they said he can't use a box weapon at all? I thought he was just a participant without an element but how will he fight without a box weapon? And I wonder what Spanner plans to do also. I really wonder how this is gonna play out.

The last page made me feel strange to, putting so much weight on this battle, Reborn might just end after this. Not much else can be more important than this arc, this arc might last a good while though, if it ends here it won't be dragged out and it'll have a good ending I think.
Good point, but there's still the mystery of the Arcobaleno. Not to mention they're in the 'future' right now. Who knows what danger awaits them when they go back. :p

I just don't want Reborn to end, is all. But there's a great chance of an Arcobaleno arc after, that's for sure.

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I'm having a hard time seeing how the protagonists can win if this isn't the only game of choice they play.

even assuming that each of the main protagonists is equal to or greater than the funeral wreaths in a fight, they are still completely screwed if they get an element picked more than once, especially considering that the wreaths have unlimited manpower.

that's not even counting that bianci is their only non-ring combatant left after this round since I doubt irie and spanner will be able to partake in rounds after this.
Like I said, this game isn't going to go as planned. What's the point of everyone training when only 3 of the Guardians are going to take part?

Going by the rules, this is supposed to be the only battle that will be fought - though we all know that's not going to happen. Only person that can stop Byakuran is Tsuna. My guess is that the Vongola wins this battle of Choice. Byakuran, pissed, says no and attacks the Vongola head on. Then it'll just be an all out brawl. Me likes.

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Wait...Daisy is a girl? oO
You don't see many guys running around with the name Daisy. <3