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Furuichi/not Pedophile=creepy
Hilda/is Pedophile=adorable
How realistic.

So, Kanzaki= Yakuza boss's son
Himekawa= Corporate boss's son
Aoi= Father unkown but important

Now it appears that Oga is going to be making his allies official and create his own army. Maybe Tamura can fix his mistakes this time around. Flesh out the story, character backgrounds, individual non Oga fights. I was about to drop Beelzebub after the last arc and last 3 or so chapters, but this one brought my interest back.

Also, FuruichixLamia moment are always good.
it was trying to shift from Gag manga to battle manga.but it failed miserably in the Toc.

i laughed when i see kanzaki get pranked like that by his niece.i do that once to my bro....^^...

yeah Furuichi X Lamia moment was great...if only Furuichi knew...