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    Depending on how Behemoth moves this time it might actually end up in a massive fight that was like against Toujou in Ishiyama.

    I just hope Natsume gets some more stuff thrown his way, we hardly saw shit about the guy.
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    New chapter is out! Enjoy!

    Poor Furuichi. The only one who cares what happens to him is Alaindelon. The ending I should of saw coming. I wonder how they will fix this problem.
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    Oh hey the Rokisei, haven't seen them in a while. Guess we're going with cameo covers like Kunieda and Toujou last time.

    Such a shame that the only fanservice Furuichi is alotted is of the loli variety. Poor guy just endangered the world again. Sucks for Himekawa about the property damage, not that he'll have any trouble covering it. Hilda is very housebroken as of late, I doubt she cares if Furuichi is roasted atop an open fire so long as Beel isn't harmed.

    Super milk time has a side effect I see. Gotta love baby Oga, looking forward to some laughs next chap.

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    I think he talks in behave of Oga.

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    Seeing the baby-ish words 'oga' was mumbling in his sleep,
    we can assume they switched boddies....

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    ^ It was Oga :p.

    So, Himekawa really was lonely, after all he said that he knew that they were next door, that means he just wanted the gang to stick together for a little longer. Can't be helped, when all people around you whant only your money.

    I wonder if baby Oga will posses some demon powers ?

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    Great chapter. looks like the rest of the ishiyama gang will be getting power-ups soon

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    Wow, they say wars get started for the stupidest of reasons, and this manga aims to prove them right.

    Furuichi just can't win: "We find you even more suspicious because of how hard you're trying to cover it up". Rofl @ that 1.
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    hahahahahaah...just when i hought any new beelzebub chapter cannot beat the last...the start from furuichi narrates the manga...Oga switch body and En own comment on his pose "damn i look to cool right now" just make me burst with laughter..hahahahah....Epic Win^

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    poor takiyuki, since bell is on oga body hes probably gonna try to rip his pants off again lol.

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