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    I see you're a fan of Chouji's

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    Thanx for the kind words, peeps

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    Back with some new shiz -- this time I decided to go with inking only in Photoshop. Here's the 'before-and-after'. Hope you guys likes.

    Roll call for those not in the know - (from left to right) Torifu Akimichi, Chouza Akimichi, Chouji Akimichi

    Colored version definitely coming soon!

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    freakin awesome!

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    Colored version up -

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    wow you're very good :o

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    do you have a da page

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    its cool & funny at the same time! lol! KIU!!! its great looking...more improvement & you will surely win

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    Thought I'd give Chouji a whirl, since I haven't drawn him in a while. So, do I still got it?

    Inked version (Photoshop CS 3)

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    War-time Chouji, coming at ya -- well, the roughs anyway. I wanted to whore out my roughs before other peeps capitalize. Check it:

    Tighter pencils/inks/colors/ coming soon.

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