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    Some old art I did

    Some old art I did a long ass time ago and I figured why not let a complete group of strangers critique it

    post, critiques and what not people

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    i like the ichigo pic, do you have a DA page

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    Thanks, as for DA page, I am assuming your talking about deviant art and I don't sry

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    Gene starwind outlawstar

    Since I did most of my pics in pencil it difficult to find a scanner that can grab it accurately this one was dark enough that I managed to scan it, trace it with pen and scan it again to show up

    ill put some more up when I get a chance at home
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    Here is one a did a while back, Dita from Vandread
    Personally its one of my favorites, it came out so well. The scanner is kinda iffy so it looks uneven to the scanner but not the human eye. I may go back and do it over in ink but for now, nah

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    Asuka from evangelion.
    I may have posted this here on an alternate account here. But I can't remember, here she is

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    Hi, I just made an account and i cant seem to put up a profile picture, can you please tell me how i can set it up?

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