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Thread: WTF Moments

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    WTF Moments

    Well at school today I had a WTF moment. Well today in math class we were talking and shouting and not paying attention as always, and all the sudden our teacher just left and she didn't come back.

    So I came up with this thread "WTF moments" were you can share the most craziest things that happened to you.

    Ready, set, WTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by NarutoSageMode View Post
    Well at school today I had a WTF moment. Well today in math class we were talking and shouting and not paying attention as always, and all the sudden our teacher just left and she didn't come back.

    So I came up with this thread "WTF moments" were you can share the most craziest things that happened to you.

    Ready, set, WTF
    this happened to me too, 1/2 years ago... our teacher, who wasnt really a teacher (we simply readed the book and underlined what she said to underline), and one day she asked to one of us, what would he say if someone asked to him what he learned at there..... and he said that he would answer, that he learned to underline the text better...
    so she start crying, turned off the the lights said goodbye and left us alone in the classroom!!!

    simply brilliant! she started to really teach after that day

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    WTF, wow.

    At our school, we have many substitutes. We hate most of them, particularly one I shall refer to as Mrs. R.

    Our favorite will always be Mr B, however (he used to teach here but retired) one day we were reading the Ginkgo and Willow poem, and the poet compared the willow branches to the hair of a nymph.

    The guy next to me asks "Wait, what's a nymph?"

    Mr B replies. "Yeah, well. They're supposed to be these mythological creatures that are really beautiful and lure men to their deaths. And, well, they' should I put it....well, you know, cute. Sexy."

    and all the time he's saying this he's completely deadpan.

    And another retired teacher-now-substitute is the former art teacher, Mrs. G. This guy was goofing off at our table and she comes over and sits down next to him (like, really close) and starts massaging the back of his neck while lecturing him in a motherly voice. All the while this boy is going O_O ...

    she's a great teacher, just slightly senile.
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    i took a shower today, put on nice clothes and cologne and was ready to head out but today is my day to cut grass, so i had to tke all my stuff off and put other stuff on, grab the weed destroyer and got myself covered on grass and sweat -_-'

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    my year 7 roll call teacher was arrested for having 200+ files of child pornography!
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    our class had to go up a mountain... from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm... WTF?!

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    My freshman math teacher was not all there in the head. He would create imaginary animals to be his friends, and if you ''sat'' on them or "stepped" on them, he would throw you out of his class and you would never be able go back in. My class by the end of the year only had 5 people in it.

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    My college classmate threw her phone at our window from the 4th floor of our building when it rang during class hours.

    The professor scolded her for throwing it down and told her that she could have left the room because it might have been an emergency call.

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    back on high school, I managed to create a football/soccer team of only my friends. However, I went on vacation before completing our teams official registration in our local football league. So I let everything on my friend Matej/Mathew to do it.

    When I got back, ready and excited about playing in an actual league with my friends, I discoverd that hell gone lose while I was on the vacation.

    n1 WTF - my friends got scared/bored to commit to the teams duty to play so they quit, fortunately not all of them ( 3-4 actual good players stayed )
    n2 WTF - they replaced themselves with 8-11 years old kids who could hardly keep up with stamina and strenght against our 17-26 years old opponents
    n3 WTF - they actualy had the nerve to name the team after some local bar "Tibava"
    ( the lamest name in the history of football )
    n4 WTF - we had to wear a pink like shirts during our matches.
    n5 WTF - we actualy had the biggest fan base thanks to the bars popularity and my friends gossip skills

    So yeah, it came off as a disaster. We got beaten in every game, lamest goals and the lamest play from our side.

    I think I dont need to mention that I quit right when I had the chance ( that was unfortunetaly in the end of the regular season ).

    However, the biggest WTF is that the team "SC Tibava" is still playing and not only that. The 8-11 years old kids who were a part of the team back when I was in, they are better players then me now. They totaly rock in the league, plus the team got promoted into higher amd more prestigious one.

    Something that started as a fun joke ended up nicely.

    and guess who is named as the founder of the club in the registration papers - ME !!!
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    the lakers losing three games to the rockets !!!!! thats totally WTF material

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