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in the forums steve is funny as fuck, check out the motivational posters thread LOL
...You're asking me to go search for gold in a cesspool.

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IRC...been there done it, didn't like it, won't ever do it again. Besides can't see any use/ need for it. Open to any explanations for why IRC exists

IRC connects users just like any other chat protocol would except IRC is lightweight and quick. You have to get the hang of it but it eventually becomes extremely useful, especially in as mentioned, in situations where we need to get many people together for coordinate actions (such as scanlating).

For the general user- IRC contains bots which provide downloads for our earlier work which you may find tough to locate these days, and in general, connects the userbase to the staff much better than anything else.

IE: Nobody would know anything about Woofcat if it wasn't for IRC

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I don't really know much about Binky , I only know Stevie. Steve knows how to be funny with being insulting or annoying.

Voted Steve.
See, like I mentioned, you wouldn't really get to know Binky from his brief appearances on the forums. Steve strikes me as a pretty humorous guy, but it's tainted by the fact that I feel like he's trying to hard.

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I had no idea. If that's what they use then of course it's useful for the business end of MS.

From a user POV though, I had a hell of a time getting it to work (2yrs ago), and when I did I found it useless (for me, and I am not big on chat).

In fact I was so frustrated that I came back to the forums and said things I still regret till today (poor Blud). When I calmed down, I realised I had made a complete ASS of myself, and I resolved to be a more considerate member after that.
You drove Blud to do pounds of coke at a time and we found him passed out with his head in the asshole of a hooker. He's still in rehab.