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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    aporro looks octopus/moth/gothic/tranvestite...

    (ps i have nothing against those last two)

    but it's true that he looks like that
    You have something against Octopuses and moths?

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    nell may indeed have some funny power...

    however I think the vizards or a few will save Ichigo and co...

    why would Shinji teach Ichigo to fight with his mask? after the training he won't let Ichigo die that easily.. i think ;x

    however the rescue should come quickly cuz I get more bored when reading bleach now..

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    Quote Originally Posted by samurai View Post
    I´d say he´s just insane.
    yeah i second that im mean what is he now a moth. but things are definitly gonna get interesting with all those clones he made of them. even with the bankai restriction it looks like renji and uryu are in a hella lot of trouble

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    i already know what will happen, nell quiets being a little pussy, transforms and pwns noitora, and saves ichigo, then ichigo will take orihme back and make babies and thats the end of bleach... lol just messin, either they fight, uquiorra saves ichigo, vizard show up, ichigo transforms cuz oriohime flashes him, or grimmajow saves ichigo and tells him to leave idk but to me all of them seem stupid

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    Because my predictions involve using things from the spoilers, I'm putting it in spoiler tags.
    [spoiler]So I reeeeeally hope Nell's not a former espada cause that would be gay, I'm just praying that instead Nell is like...Noitora's his/her sex again) and that while Nell distracts Noitora Ichigo will gain the upper hand and then...THEY RUN LIKE HELL!


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