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    Reborn! Chapter 241 Discussion/242 Predictions

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    Source : BAsylum
    Credits : Ann-chan
    Verification : Confirmed

    seems the first field is thunder on top of a tall building.
    Hibari, who wants to fight immediately is stopped by Byakuran, who says "That's why I said you can't Hiba~ri-chan~♪"
    Seems it's already decided Byakuran and Tsuna will fight each other. They do some kinda roulette thing and the chapter ends.

    Choice is a game of choice.
    The game can't begin until you've first selected a field and fighters.

    it's kinda like that but I think those 2 points have to be decided on.

    Blue bell's hand turns into a liquid shape.
    Goku "Saying a magma bath is good... are these guys even human?!"

    original raw summary:
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