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    Woah. I usually dont brag about Bleach's animation, but man was the animation sick in this episode!

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    I wish someone would tell the directors of the anime to just keep using these guys no matter the cost. It will pay off in the end when everyones buying the DVDs because they look so great rather than skimp on the talent yet still pay a decent amount for them and then never sell a fraction of the DVD boxsets you would have normally with the better quality animators.
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    I have to admit, this was done very well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    damn this one was the best.. the animation look like it was done for a movie 10/10
    OMG I KNOW!! This episode felt different. It was perfect. They portayed Hisagi like he was a main character, I felt like he was Ichigo. They even made it perfectly dramatic with the ost close to the end. The animation was amazing it deff felt like movie it was crazy the whole time I watched it it my jaw was touching the floor. They didn't even drag it out, Hisagi finished him in one ep! Everything was amazing 10/10! They need to re-hire these guys because it's animation like this that sets it apart from other animes (Naruto who?).
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    Even though this animation will only ever be present in the fight scenes (Ichigo vs. Grimmjow: all 3 encounters were animated like this I think. Maybe the 2nd time wasn't), this is enough to keep me waiting for the big fights. If they have this animation for when Ulquiorra and Ichigo start fighting for real, that'll make for some great action.

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    Great animation indeed, it would be even greater if it could stay this way

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    Since Studio Pierrot fails so much on Naruto animation, they make up for it in Bleach.

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    Bleach is always more intresting animated IMO

    The sword fencing action translated very well into anime form it was one of the better episodes.

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    They could use a good animation like this is half of the naruto episodes

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    wow what a awesome episode - you guys are right its like from a movie or something i liked when hisagi slided in to attack the fraccion (4got his name) and he was balancing on his sword - epic battle

    even my brother whho was was walking by stopped to watch this fight lol and he never watches bleach -
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