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    Who Is Tobi? my theory.

    In my opinion Tobi is Danzo, yes you guys will probably first think WTF.

    However think about the naruto as a whole.

    Danzo = Leader or "Root"(a high powered ANBU section)
    Itachi = Akatsuki member(ex-ANBU commander)
    Sasuke = only survivor of Uchiha massacre(3 members alive total)
    Tobi = Akatasuki Leader(age ?)
    Root = ANBU section that trains children from a young age(info from wikipedia).

    From those above, It seems Itachi was trained under Root as he was an amazing child who finished chuunin exam at a very early age and enter ANBU at an early age. From Tobi's recent statements it seems he is trying to achieve Uchiha Madara's powers( "The Sharigan's True Power... My Power.. Uchiha Madara's Power...). Therefore, he means that there is some sort of secret behind the Uchihas other than mangekyo. Itachi killed everyone in the Uchiha except Sasuke for reason unknown, though he said to test his power. Now in the latest chapter Uchiha says meet me at Uchiha hideout. Why There? Although it makes a good setting for a final Uchiha fight, I doubt Itachi would ask Sasuke to fight there without a good reason. My hypothesis concluded from this that Danzo is or has Uchiha powers and commanded Itachi to kill all the other Uchiha to eliminate competition for Madara's Power. Why didnt he kill Itachi then? Well because Itachi achieved the Mangekyo Sharigan and Kakashi is proof that there is more than 1 evolved form of the sharigan. It is likely that when one reaches this new sharigan that is the final form; Madara's Sharigan seems to be far superior to Itachi's and Kakashi's. If so, Itachi was no longer a threat to Tobi and was more of a tool. Since if Itachi killed Uchiha instead of Tobi than no one would be suspicious of Tobi. Furthermore, isn't it kind of strange that Danzo commanded Sai to kill Sasuke? If he really wanted to kill Orochimaru, he would have sent in more ANBUs after his hideout, which would get him recognized better as the one who silenced Orochimaru. But since Sasuke has become a Missing-nin and is no longer protected by Konoha (since every1's eyes were on him as the last uchiha which means a large protection from Konoha). Therefore, he was more vulnerable to kill or considered to be until Pein comments about how Sasuke has become a threat now. But since, Pein isn't the true leader, tobi must have commanded Pein to make sasuke in to a threat. Also its strange that Danzo has the right portion of his eye covered up by a bandage, while Tobi has only his right eye shown, which would be an easy and ultimate disguise. Now Danzo is definetly powerful because he was rivaled with Sarutobi for 3rd Hokage, but he is very war hungry. Tobi seems also war angry because Pein said the plan for Akatsuki is for a war against all countries, but taking over a country with just 10 members is hard even with 10 S ranks, which has been reduced to 6(NOTE: although Sasori claimed he took over a country). We also know that Konoha is Biggest power house in the nations because of the ANBUs, Kyuubi, and Hokage. But 5th is no where strong as 4th and Kyuubi is suppressed in Naruto and if ANBU is under Danzo's control then Konoha would be very frail. However in order to wage war against countries Akatsuki has to have a country of its own. The hidden village of rain is about to be taken over by Tobi and Tobi is Danzo. Then taking Konoha over would be very simple for them and taking out the strogest country first is like finishing the war. Also, I really doubt they will bring out a random new character to be Tobi and I think Obito is not Tobi cuz the right half of his body which means no right eye. I also doubt 4th is Tobi cause his name was released and it doesnt contain Uchiha and he DIED after sealing 9 tails and Orochimaru's jutsu is proof that 4th is dead(the zombie hokage summoning jutsu). Also ROOTs motto is no emotions, but Danzo the leader would probably have mastered emotions, which results in Tobi's happy mode. Also I think collecting all the tailed beasts is a requirement for Madara's sharigan as in the chakra from them.

    Please comment and also post flaws in my theories if there are any.
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    Hey this is your second post, welcome to the boards. Well I read the whole article and it indeed sounds interesting. But I don't think that tobi is danzo. Danzo cares about konoha much as any Hokage, just that he has his own way to deal with any possible threats. You also have to consider his final words to Sai about feelings, feelings lead to hatred.

    Zetzu talks to tobi like if he were younger than him, at least is what can be appreciated in the raws. You need to also remember what the kyubi says about Madara Uchiha' eyes being / having even a more sinester chakra and more cursed that his own eyes.

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    I'm not sure what to say other than, I disagree.

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    "wtf im not reading all that"

    but i disagree, and itachi wasnt trained in root since in root you dont have a name or family with emotional attachment

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    I dont agree with this, he does seem shady, but not that shady as to betray the village he loves. also he seems a bit too old and beat up looking to be in akatski

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    Tobi is Madara. Get over it.

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    Tobi is really Pope John Paul II, arisen from the dead, and come to destroy all the bijuu demons. This is to make it safe for Eddy Murphy to perform a "Party all the time" tour for ninjas everywhere!

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    sounds pretty farfetched.

    I highly doubt Danzo is Uchiha Madara.
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    I think that wee see tobi in Uchiha hidout because he got disappear after talk to pain and i doubt that he is still in rain village so i whould rather wait to that moment than say he is Konoha White Fang XD.

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    Suppose its possible - I mean he does cover his right eye and He is missing an arm (I think) Plus the bit were Jiraiya told Tsunade to be careful of Root seemed a bit ominous.
    Still I hope Danzo isn't Tobi.

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