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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Depends on the chick. Rule of thumb. If a chick is butherface, you go for the hug. If a chick is seriously dsling, you go for her kiss. If a chick fails in both departments, you go for a high five.
    If she is repulsive; you shit bricks....

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    If she's hot she can kiss me whenever she likes.
    If she isn't, I prefer a hug...

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    In my case the context is perhaps a little different

    Hugs are always welcome, Kisses on the Forehead or Temples are okay when offering emotional support to someone who's suffering badly (bereaved, etc).

    Otherwise I'm not a kisser, never was (sorry wifey )

    Male to Female context is assumed.

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
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    Paulbee, is and and will forever be my hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    Who doesn't love being licked across the face by a friend?
    i thought im the only one who licks ppl across the face on MS

    but between hugs and kisses, i prefer kissing if it is my Gf,
    if not then i prefer hugs

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    I don't chill with ugly girls so I'll go with kisses. If they aren't on the mouth or down there than hugs are better cuz you can feel more. Best all around is a hug from behind followed by a kiss on the neck while you're playing poker. It's manly

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    I prefer both, have a pasionate hug that culmionates into even more pasionate kiss - thats just perfect
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