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Thread: 07- Ghost

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    lol, the anime is going off track from the manga already... from episode 5 <,<...

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    oh, that's too bad... not happy about that. but, it's still pretty good. still slow though.

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    I loved the 07-Ghost manga back when it wasn't popular and rarely scanalated, but I sorta stopped reading it after awhile, the plot had a few things that didn't make sense...but I was really happy when I noticed the anime was released! ^^

    I've only seen 2 episodes but so far I'm pretty disappointed...>.<

    For starters, I don't like most of the voice actors. I think they sound too girlish, lol. Especially Teito. I also don't like how they've done the plot, it's pretty haphazard. They rushed through some things then took so much time on other stuff.

    Let's get this party started.

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    its weas so gayish withe teito and whats his name god it was anyoing but know hopefully it starts to get better

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