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Thread: 07- Ghost

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    Talking 07- Ghost

    so... yeah! what do you think about this anime?

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    this anime started of kinda gerneric, but it started to pick up recently

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    well, the first episodes really pulled me in! and the music is pretty cool too.

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    I like the first episode. Half way the 2nd episode I dropped the serie. It was a really boring episode. Did it get any better by now?

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    the 4th ep was a little better... I mean little. They seem to be wasting time like a Naruto episode already (for 4 episodes Ayanami has asked Mikage to choose). I'll see how the 5th ep goes and then I'll decide whether or not to drop it.

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    i read a few chapters of the manga first. it was good. but the anime story is haphazard. new viewers wouldnt b able to understand what the hell is goin on.

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    what is this 07- ghost

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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    what is this 07- ghost
    here's the info ul need:

    its come to notice now probably coz dattebayo have started subbin the anime.

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    yeah, it is really slow so far.
    i hope it speeds up. i watched the first five and wish it would hurry up! lol

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    the anime is gettin slow and boring already..

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