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    A place to return to..

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    Quote Originally Posted by redstrife View Post
    The only way this entire filler arc can be forgived is if any of the following happens:

    -Yuukimaru dies in a fire.
    -Yuukimaru swallows that crystal and dies.
    -(this one's for you HB)TenTen mops the floor with Guren.
    -Yuukimaru walks into a building, thinking it's his place to go home to, then it explodes.
    -Kabuto kills himself (I like Kabuto but he's been exceptionally annoying this filler).
    -Tobi and Deidara get an entire episode (or two) to themselves.
    -Naruto and Guren get into it. Naruto charges at Guren with a Rasenshuriken. Yuukimaru jumps in front of Guren to protect her. Naruto can't stop so he decks Yuukimaru with the Rasenshuriken. Unfortunately Guren was too close, so she gets caught up in it as well.
    -Lee does a dynamic entry and accidentally lands on top of Yuukimaru, snapping his neck.

    best post ever

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    OMG!!! wtf is this..

    I heard some1 saying that the filler will end after 4 episodes, hmmzz.. waiting 4 weeks is going 2 be tuff, but I really REALLY just can't watch this anymore!

    I got NO BIG problem with fillers, but I can't call this a filler anymore, more like:

    Watch the episode, kill yourself in the END, and heaven will be the PLACE TO RETURN TO!

    ( Are the Japanese people Njoying this at all !?!?!? )
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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